• Camping with dogs

    Camping with dogs

    a lot of fun for you & your buddy

Camping holiday with dog

Your four-legged friend is also very welcome at Camping Lazy Rancho. The nature around our campsite is a real Eldorado for your four-legged friend and offers a lot of space for romping or for long walks.

In order to ensure a smooth coexistence on and next to the site, we have compiled the following information about your holiday with your dog.


more information:

Etiquette guide for dog owners

proposal for a dog walk:

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Good to know

Mandatory leashing

Dogs must be kept on a leash in and around the following locations:

  • around schools,
  • at public playgrounds,
  • around sport fields,
  • on railway stations  public transportation
  • when entering farm land.

For everywhere else, dogs can walk free as long as you are able to control them at all times. Should you notice a leashed dog approaching, please leash yours on too.

Please be considerate of joggers, walkers and children in your path and call your dog back to you. This is greatly appreciated by all.

Forests and wild animals

We have a wide variety wildlife in our forests, and as such you must maintain permanent control over your dog. Dogs which are inclined to hunt or lack call-back abilities must be held on a leash.

From April until June (mating season), dogs are to be kept on their leash must not leave the trails.

Excrement bags

Throughout the region, excrement bags provided for free on the sides of a green box with »Robidog« written on it. Please pick up after your dog and place the waste in the green »Robidog« disposal box.


On the railway lines operated by the Jungfraubahn (Jungfrau railway), dogs may accompany you free of charge. Ferry and federal railway lines require the purchase of a half-price ticket for the dog.

Don’t forget to carry enough water, as summer days can get hot.

Never leave your dog in your parked car.

Walking paths in and around Interlaken

Here are some suggested hiking and walking paths in the Interlaken region:

  • Lombach
  • Ring-trail around the Rugen
  • Weissenau – Aare – Neuhaus
  • Bönigen Lake Promenade
  • Ringgenberg Burgseeli – Fire watch tower
  • Aareufer Unterseen-Interlaken East (Ost) – Bönigen
  • Harder Kulm